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Frequent asked questions: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

What do the green icons that are shown in the image with some items mean?

With some products, you will see a green icon at the top right of the image. This icon indicates that the product you are viewing is a sustainable or social product. By choosing a product with a green icon, you contribute to a better world. A nice gift for you and good for people and the environment!

If you click on a product with an icon, the product description will explain what kind of sustainable or social item it is. Below is an explanation of what each icon means: 

A sustainable choice 
This is an item with which you contribute to a more sustainable world. Items with this icon have a positive influence on people and the environment. By choosing these items you reduce the throw-away culture and make a conscious choice!

Fair Trade 
Items with this icon are socially produced. They may have been made in a sheltered workshop, by people who are at a distance from the labour market. If the product is made abroad, the maker is fairly rewarded. Or for each product selected, a donation is made to a charity that encourages fair labour. 

Looking after our planet 
A sustainable world is very important to us. The items with this icon are (produced) environmentally friendly, by using sustainable/recycled material and/or local raw materials. Some of these items are also ecological/biological and encourage sustainable use of energy, by working on solar energy or by preventing water wastage. 

In a circular society, raw materials are used again and again, so that no raw materials are wasted. Items with this icon are circular, which means they are produced with residual waste from other products.

Items with this icon are sustainable and/or social in more than one way. For instance, such an item has been produced both circularly and socially, or fair trade and ecologically. For giftcards, it means that you can sustainable and/or socially produced products in a shop that is dedicated to make the world a better place. If you see this icon, the accompanying text will state all the ways in which this item falls under corporate social responsibility.

ISO Certification

We are ISO 14001 and PSO certified (at the highest level, step 3). ISO 14001 is a globally recognized standard with requirements for an environmental management system. The PSO quality mark stands for social employership. As Makro Kerstpakketten, we annually give more than 10 people with a distance to the labor market the opportunity to work for us and we have approximately 165,000 packages packed at social institutions. This is important, because we consider sustainability to be of paramount importance. 

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