Frequent asked questions

Frequent asked questions: Charities

Can I donate the value of my gift to charity?

Yes, we offer this option. 
1. Go to
2. Enter your login name and password in the box. You will find these on your voucher; 
3. Click "log in", you will now be taken to your employer's page; 
4. Here you can choose a gift theme. Choose the topic 'Social & Sustainable'; 
5. After choosing the topic, you can also find the charities, in addition to other CSR articles; 
6. Click on the charity of your choice. Here you will find more information about the charity. You can also find the charity's website here. Check their website for more details. 

How do I know that my donation actually goes to charity?

We pass on to your employer how many employees have donated to a good cause. Cadeau Carrousel transfers the amount to the relevant charity. Your employer will receive proof of this. The actual deposit to the charity takes place after the close of the order period. 

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